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Oct 11, 2006


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Muslim Apple

Yeah, I don't know of anyone who is offended either but "teaching hatred" is what MEMRI does best.


So Mr. Smartypants, if the Apple Store is not anti-Muslim why does it have a Genius Bar? We know the Muslims are adverse to rational thought, thus they must hate geniuses. Furthermore, we know that Muslims dont drink (not during Ramadan, publically), therefore the bar is there just to provoke. We all know that music is haram, and Apple makes its cash from music and music players. And finally, I have it on good authority that the "i" in iPod, iMac, and iBook, refer to "Israel". I will get my pornography on a different, more Muslim-friendly platform. I am no longer the MacDaddy or the DaddyMac.


you idiot

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