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Jul 31, 2006


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Who You?

The foolishness of our fellow Muslims to embrace a culture of death is beyond my understanding. Death is gruesome and ugly in humanity. Non-Muslims are also human and we should be weeping for their deaths as well.

Irving Karchmar

All war is a crime against humanity. It is a heartrending exercise in stupidity couched in the terms of "Israel's right to exist" "Muslim humiliation" "War on Terror" and the pathetic and ignorant neocon worldview.

The only winner in any war is Satan.

May God forgive them and me.


It is with disbelief that I watch what is happening in middle east.

The culture of death is so distrubing and life is so cheap as Arab kills arab in Iraq!!

Hezbollah don't seem to care about the lebanese people otherwise why would they hide their rockets among places where children live and the Iranians are supplying the weapons, so they obviously dont care too much who gets killed!

It comes down to the same thing they accuse the west of...greed and power.

I think it has very little to do with the musilim faith but more to do with economics of power and politics.

They will destroy the muslim faith, look at the damage that has already been done to it.

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