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May 16, 2004


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The beheading video had several oddities about it. The amount of blood does not seem consistent with the injuries shown, nor did the victim do any flailing or fighting or involuntary movements that I could see. I watched almost till the end, but not quite...but enough to notice that the victim was not struggling in a way I'd expect under the circumstances. I'm not sure whether I can think in terms of more or less outraged, or who should or shouldn't be. I don't understand Powell's remark or what he meant by it. But that's par for the course these days; there's a lot I can't understand. I'm not at all sure that we know who really performed those actions, or who released the video, or what their real purposes were. The timing of its release is also... peculiar.

If the US torture orders came from the top, I don't know what to think anymore. That's not the America I thought I knew. Just want this long nightmare to end, and soon. I don't understand Powell's comment... the degree of outrage is always going to be relative to the closeness of those who've suffered or have been lost, or to their level of "innocence" in a situation, I'd think.


Ooops, sorry... I didn't see the rest of the post, and I responded to the beginning, which was the discussion you *did not* want to have!! Sorry!

I have studied a little kabbala and am fascinated by its ideas being grounded in the mystical traditions of various cultures. Who's got the biggest library today? Maybe the Louvre?

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