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May 26, 2004


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This is a great post. What I find especially interesting is the implication that in Islam revelation is not "closed," but still open to further learning. I like that idea.

One of our biggest issues in Christian thought is the question of whether revelation is "open" and ongoing, or "closed", fixed, and therefore static. Some like to say it is "closed," while other say it is still "open." The latter seem to be in the minority (aka, 'heretics').

Sister Soljah

I like this post... and that is one of my favorite piece of the Quran. It seems like a lot of people who struggle to find faith in God have so many questions that can't be answered so they don't follow a faith. This piece says it best, there simply isn't enough words or ink to encapsulate Allah. And it does suggest that the Quran is eternal.


Nice article, though I prefer the "recite" translation. This would place the Quran as a oral tradition not fixed, but fluid. "Read" seems to bind it in space and time.

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