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Mar 14, 2011


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The main masjid where I go for jummah is part of Warithdeen Muhammad (ra) community and the khatib would frequently imply that there were Christians visiting and participating in the prayer (although I never knew who specifically).

I"m impressed by what the priest did. It certainly doesn't seem offensive. It reminds me also of Ann Holmes Redding who was also an Episcopal pries (bishop I think) who claimed to be Muslim and Christian.

But I'm not clear in terms of the limits of what this male priest did... he says he does not declare belief in oneness of God (I guess he's still Trinitarian?) or the prophethood of Muhammad. So does he not say those parts of the prayers or does he say them without meaning them? So in what sense is he praying?

It is also interesting to me that both these examples were Episcopalian. I wonder if there are any examples of Catholic priests doing similar things. I ask since Catholics believe that "once a priest, always a priest" so a priest can be fired and prohibited from acting as a priest but theologically they still have the same powers (e.g. turning bread and wine into flesh and blood, hearing confession, etc)

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