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Jul 10, 2005


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Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks - This is a pretty comprehensive listing

Javed Mandary

Good idea, i think that people should know that terrorism and islam doest not make one and that islam preaches peace .

People indulging in acts of terror fall in the category of selfish individuals who care for only themselves and give human life little or no importance.

Pak Idrus

So where do we start...I am with you.take care.

jennifer helms

Just curious if there are any protesters taking to the streets in the Muslim countries surrounding Sudan. I've heard alot about America being expected to step in and stop the massacre in Sudan, but how about the neighboring Muslim countries? Where is the banner of unity under Islam. It is very disturbing no country has quesitoned the uninvolvement of Iran or Syria or even Eygyt, right next door. It seems that the Muslims of these countries are so consumed with being muslim, that they have forgotten their neighbors. How about the Red Cross, do any of these nations step out to help a world right next door to them. Wouldn't it be more of a responsibilty of an Islamic country to take action, rather than America. Come on, show us how wonderful you are.

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