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Jul 07, 2005


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Thank you - it is a dark day for London and for the muslim faith whom these people seem intent on destroying.

Contemplative Activist


I've been searching out some good Muslim blogs for comment on the tragic actions in London yesterday. I'm trying to make my blog links more multi-faith in an attempt to foster more understanding and dialogue.

I just wanted to say that I have been very touched by your thoughtful comments. Thank you.

Peace to you,

Contemplative Activist


Today, the G8 gave $50B in aid to Africa, agreed to debt forgiveness, and pledged $3B to the Palestinian Authority. Here is what the brothers did: bombed London; killed an Egyptian diplomat; fired mortars at civilians in Iraq; and, set of bombs in Baghdad. We can no longer hope that things will get better, because they won't. Muslims have to first understand that this is their problem and come to terms with the gorillas in their midst.

I thought about this yesterday. If OBL or high-level Al Qaeda members are caught, their trails should be in a Muslim country in a state or even Shariah court. The charge should be for crimes against humanity and Islam. It should be televised all over the world. This is what it will take.

In order to acheive a better world, we shouldn't look to the future. We should stand in the future and act in the present. We can then change the world around us today to acheive where we want our children to be in a generation. Peace


Have Al Q admitted to the attacks yet? Until they do, I don't think that we should jump to conclusions.

Perrie Campbell

The world needs to hear more of this. Muslims, the time has passed. Take a stand or be forever linked with the murderers of the innocent.

La Bona

Rumor has it Osama bin Laden is a Jew! and whole holy war thing is nothing but a plot to render Muslims chattel slavery ...


Contemplative Activist - Welcome. I wish it could have been under better circumstances.

Maria - A group calling itself "Qaida al-Jihad in Europe" has in fact taken credit for this atrocity. As most analysts have correctly pointed out AQ is a term for groups of terrorists who subscribe to a version of Islam that allows them to place themselves as the source of religion rather than God. This group clearly qualifies.

Pierre - As one of my recent posts has pointed out, Muslims are constantly speaking out against this sort of behavior, but we need help spreading the word. Thank you for the link, and please continue to point out that for every one person perpetrating these attacks in the name of Islam, there are a thousand denouncing them in the name of Islam.

La Bona - I'm not quite sure what to make of your comment. Your website seems to indicate that it is a hoax. Please let me be clear, OBL's religious persuasion has nothing to do with the fact that he is a demagogue and must be challenged at every opportunity. I personally find the type of conspiracy theories evidenced by such emails disgusting and representative of the worst tendencies of humankind, to deny one's own culpability in abhorent acts.

La Bona


Can you please comment on a comment left by one Birmingham Bloke "It looks like the chttel slavery theory does hold some water.

After all, didn't we just heard "Islam insists God has no children, only slaves!"?"



The lover of war/cruelity do regrets at last forever so do oppose to use brutality.


The lover of war/cruelity do regrets at last forever so do oppose to use brutality.

la bona

In the name of justice, I am obliged to help to disseminate story of a religious persecution ... My apologies for irrelevance.

Breaking News!
Barbaric persecution of an apostate …

The Malaysian authorities are persecuting an ex-Muslim fondly known as Ayah Pin and flattened his religious commune dubbed as Sky Kingdom, which is a quasi-religious commune located in north east Malaysian.

Once Muslim, Forever Slave!
Ayah Pin has publicly renounced his Islamic faith in 1998 but was REJECTED by the state (NB: Apostasy is a capital crime is Malaysia punishable by DEATH!)

The Persecution
In 2001, the Malaysian authorities jailed Ayah Pin for 11 months for attempting to renounce Islam. He is viewed as a security threat and they continue to harass him with all sorts of uncivilized threats befitting the low-life including smashing up the lovely giant teapot and flattening the commune, which they just did yesterday!

Prior to the destruction yesterday, the authorities raided the commune in July, 2005 and detained 45 faithful including a Kiwi, senior citizens and among others, 3 children of Ayah Pin and his 3 wives. I read somewhere; there are kids left behind unattended in commune and while some faithful have to pawn all they have to bail themselves out, the rest are still in custody.

Their crime: Being unIslamic!

As if the arrest was not good enough, mobs made up of some 35 unidentified assailants armed with Molotov cocktails attacked the commune and set the place ablaze …. Assailants attack Ayah Pin's commune with Molotov cocktails! ... I supposed mobs and Molotov cocktails are Islamic.

If you have a comment, please do not hesitate to email me at Alternately, you are welcome to do so at the forum (

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