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Jul 16, 2004


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Thanks for posting this. I'm writing to TNT now.


war time programming, akin to war time movies such as Hidalgo (a real groaner)

Ps- your comments kept rejecting my blog url for some weird reason. did you recently tweak it?


Discalaimer - my comments are based only on the trailer I watched at noon (EDT) on 26th July from,5918,540146,00.html

After having read this letter, I believe that I was fairly biased towards seeing the worst in this trailer. That worst, at least for me, did not materialize even though I watched it twice. If this is the only trailer that they run, I have no real basis for objection. I very much appreciate the distinction that Naz and Kaveh drew between judging the trailer they had seen and judging the show, which they had not. Does anyone know where to find the longer, more offensive, trailer? If I can see that, and it is as described, I'm happy to write an objection to tnt.

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